The Best Job In the World (Mine?)

The competition for the Best Job in the World is sweeping the internet. Send in your 60-second video showing why you should be the caretaker of a tropical island off the Great Barrier Reef, and win a six-month stint that pays a whopping US$103K, plus some serious perks, including round-trip airfare; housing in a three-bedroom villa with swimming pool; and all the outdoor activities you could possibly imagine. The ‘work’? Twelve hours a week of blogging, shooting images and video of your fun and fabulous life. Tourism Queensland is genius. Frankly this is the most brilliant PR idea I’ve ever heard of. Demand is so intense that their servers keep crashing. Even an Amazing Race Winner is applying. I’m thinking about it. I’m qualified too. Right?
That’s me on that camel in the Sahara, a couple weeks ago. I’ve a serious case of culture shock. Australian film director (and kick-ass song-writer) Tony Jackson took the picture. I shot the following video clip in Marrakech in the olive souk (Arabian covered market). Donkeys are ubiquitous in Morocco, and the only effective means of goods-transport. Vehicles can’t navigate the thousand-year-old, winding alleyways of the medinas (old cities). Sometimes a donkey meets another donkey and freaks out, as happened here. Marrakech is stressful. I much prefer Fez. Next month I’m off to Madagascar, the furthest place on the globe from California.
Back home, the Bay Area weather is shockingly spring-like. Skiing is off my radar till rains blow in coastside and dump fresh snow in the Sierra. Until then, if you’re looking for someplace to travel near home, I’d suggest an overnight in Monterey County—they’re desperate to fill beds. You can score some killer deals, from Carmel Valley to Big Sur.
I’m so out of touch with where the hell I am—season, latitude, hemisphere—and in five weeks’ time I’ll be crossing the Mountains of Madagascar during the summer rains. Before then, London. I’ll do my best to post now and then, but until April I’m on a wild ride. Stay tuned.