Snow Day: Play Hooky at Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe
It’s time to play hooky. The huge storms that drenched the Bay Area brought eight feet of snow to Tahoe—and it’s not Sierra cement, but bona fide feather-light powder, a rarity in Northern California. Don’t hesitate. In the words of Horace, “Seize the day! lest the years imprison us.” Blow off work on Thursday, when the forecast calls for fair skies and temps in the 40s. But if you’re a serious off-piste skier, skip out on Wednesday, the last chance for squeaky-dry snow until the next big Alaskan storms blow—which may not happen again this season. Go now.
For extensive reviews and insight into the resorts, read my North Lake Tahoe ski guide; and South Lake Tahoe ski guide. If you’re a snow snob, review current ski conditions. And check road conditions before setting out. (While driving, call 800-GAS-ROAD for highway information.)
As for the much-hyped best job in the world, I’ve determined that it’s not, actually. A close read of the terms and conditions reveals that Tourism Queensland will own all the winner’s intellectual property for the entire six-month stint. That means, were I to win the post, I couldn’t write a book about the experience. Paradise must always have a dark side, or else it wouldn’t be paradisical. Why go through heaven and hell, only to tell half the story? Besides, I dare say, I’ve already the best job in the world. Off to London tomorrow. More news soon.